1. The Jury: To be selected by the Cuban Sport Fishing Federation (“FCPD”) from its Panel of judges; the jury will be the highest technical authority at the event, while the highest authority overall will be the Organizing Committee.

2. Event title: Ernest Hemingway International Angling Tournament.

3. Competition basis:  Four daytime fishing sessions with a rest day in between: three long sessions and one short (the last). Competition will be in teams of up to four anglers.

4. Angling method: Catch-tag-and-release trolling.

5. Event communications channel:  72. To be used for all catch reports.

6. Event official language: Spanish and English.

7. Rods and lines: Trolling tackle only. Up to four lines in the water per team. Maximum line rating 36 kg (80 lbs); no bonus points for lower-rated lines. Lines with lead core are not permitted. Additional lines for multiple lures are allowed.

8. Target species: As specified in Article 16: blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish and spearfish. Other species will be scored in accordance with the tournament scoring system.

9. Bait: Artificial lures for trolling are permitted, as are natural and artificial baits and combinations of these. Trap lures and live bait are banned.

10. Tackle:

a)       Round hooks are introduced, on an optional basis.

b)      The leader or wire, double line, reel, rods, lines, landing nets, gaffs and other competition items must comply with the IGFA rules for sea fishing.

c)       Use of the gaff to be restricted to dolphin, king mackerel and tuna.

11. Competition timetable: Sessions will start at 09:00 hours and end at 18:00 hours, except for the last day´s session, which will be from 08:00 hours to 14:00 hours. The start of each session will be signalled by the time judge, via the event radio channel. In the same way, he/she will certify the punctual arrival at the marina of all the teams, located in the access channel area.

All teams are recommended to synchronize their timepieces with the time judge. No extra time will be granted to any team under any circumstances.  No second chances will be granted to teams unable to participate in a session because of technical problems with their boat.

During the competition, one hour´s extra time may be allowed to teams with a fish on the line while located 5 miles off shore, between the Almendares and Baracoa rivers.

A control tower will be operated on the El Viejo y el Mar Hotel´s observation platform.

12. Fishing zone: Bounded to the east by the coastline of the Santa Cruz del Norte area and to the west by Mariel Bay. Teams will be able to purchase a map with the competition area marked out.

13. Catches:

1. Requirements for a valid catch:

a)       Compliance with the IGFA rules for sea angling and with the rules of this tournament;

b)      Evidenced by 3 photographs (or video) of the fish, including the identification assigned by the jury to each team on a daily basis;

c)       Minimum size according to the Billfish Foundation (blue marlin 86 inches, white marlin 72 inches, sailfish 57 inches).

 2. The following will not be considered valid:

d)      Catches that do not meet the above requirements;

e)       Catches that meet the requirements as a result of demonstrated fraud;

f)        Catches which, in the view of the jury, leave an element of doubt regarding the veracity of the photograph or other image;

g)       Catches of specimens not meeting the minimum size requirements stated earlier.


14. Minimum size: This will be specified for all species in the table included in the scoring article.

15. Specimen measurement: This is taken from the lower jaw to the fork in the tail.


 If the species cannot be determined, the lowest possible score for the above species will be awarded.


17. Photographs evidencing catch and release: All catches must be photographed three times to confirm their validity:

1)      First photo - to be taken while the fish is beside the boat, showing also the hand on the leader and, with the utmost clarity, the characteristics of the specimen, at a distance no greater than the length of the leader, while enabling the bait to be identified in the fish´s mouth. This photograph verifies the catching.

2)      Second Photo - to be taken during tagging, showing the tag clearly embedded in the specimen´s flesh.

3)      Third photo - to be taken at the moment when the fish is released and swims away completely unharmed. 

 A video recording may be submitted as an alternative to photographs.

To be accepted as valid, all photographs (or video recordings) must show the identification assigned to each team on a daily basis by the jury.

All such photographs and video recordings become the joint property of the Organizing Committee and the FCPD.

All images must be in digital format.

18. Cameras:

At the captains´ meeting, each team will register the digital camera(s), including telephones, it plans to use for photographing or filming catches.

All such cameras must use the card format requested by the Organizing Committee or be accompanied by their USB cable for connection to a PC.

At the start of each day, the jury will check and certify that each camera contains the photograph selected for that day. The photographs of catches must be delivered to the jury on arrival at the port, within 10 minutes of the end of the session concerned.

A separate folder for each team will be opened to store its images, which will be returned for their enjoyment at the end of the tournament.

19. The awards:

- Prizes will be awarded to the three highest-scoring teams, to be determined according to which first reaches the maximum score

- Prize for the team reporting the first catch of the tournament

- Prizes for the first catch at the second, third and fourth sessions

- Prize for the youngest angler

- Prize for the biggest dorado

- Prize for the biggest tuna

- Mention for teams which have tagged and released marlin but have not won a prize

- Prize for female anglers who catch marlin

- Mention for female anglers who participate in the tournament.    

20. Claims: Team captains must submit, in writing, any claim relating to a breach of these rules, to the chairman of the jury, within one hour following the time of arrival of the boats at the marina.

21. Penalties: the jury and the Organizing Committee will be authorized to impose penalties on competitors who commit breaches of discipline.

22. Other matters:

As regards all matters concerned with fishing systems and tackle, the tournament will adopt the IGFA rules for sea angling.

Every angler registered as a competitor undertakes to abide by the tournament rules and accept the decisions of the Organizing Committee and the jury.

Competitors agree to participate at their own risk, and consequently to exempt the Organizing Committee from any civil or criminal liability arising from any accident.

The jury will be responsible for settling any technical issues not clarified by these rules, in accordance with Cuba´s general regulations for sport fishing competitions.

The Organizing Committee has the power to extend, curtail or suspend the tournament in the event of force majeure of any kind.

Any difficulty not covered by these rules which arises during the event shall be resolved by the Organizing Committee - following consultation with the jury - in ways that do not compromise the principles or sporting spirit of the event, or tarnish the social, historical or cultural heritage of the tournament or of water sports in Cuba in general.


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Cuban Sport Fishing Federation





















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