Date: May 21st – 26th, 2018.

Place: Náutica Marlin Marina Hemingway, Havana, Cuba


  • May 21st: Registration, Captains´ meeting and welcome cocktail.
  • May 22nd: First fishing day.
  • May 23rd: Second fishing day.
  • May 24th: Day off.
  • May 25th: Third fishing day.
  • May 26th: Fourth and last fishing day. Closing and award ceremony of the 68th International Billfish Tournament and the launching of the 69th Ernest Hemingway International Billfish Tournament.

Tournament rules and regulations: Rules according to IGFA, Tag and Release method. The line for the “Ernest Hemingway” Tournament is up to 36 kg (80 pounds). Only the Captain and one team representative will attend the Captain´s meeting. Tag and Release reports or capture reports must be given to the Control Tower of our marina indicating the time, team number and location. The Jury from Cuba Sport Fishing Federation will take irrevocable decisions regarding the validation of Tag and Release capture previously printed in the photograph.


  • First, second and third prize consisting on medals for the team and trophy.
  • The first catch of the tournament.
  • The first catch of the second, third and forth fishing day.
  • The biggest dolphin.
  • The biggest tuna.
  • The biggest wahoo.
  • The first woman who catch the first marlin.
  • The youngest fisherman.